Sunday, October 02, 2011

What Do You Call Pandan in English?

Or is Pandan English?


Oh. They are indeed called Pandan Leaves.

Sometimes I hate the convenience of googling for answers. And the fact that the word 'google' has turned into a verb. It makes life too easy, knowledge less appreciated. *sigh* Which reminds me of an exchange I read in one of the livejournal communities I've joined. If you were the ones who utter these words, understand that I mean well and in no way being disrespectful. It is truly something that worth our two cents to think about.

"What did we do before the internet.
Before google and wikipedia and imdb and YT etc etc.
Just sit around confused and feeling stupid?"

I guess she's right in that sense. Knowledge is now out there for everyone. If anything else, we should be pretty empowered by the Internet these days. But let us not make it less meaningful just because it's easy.

* * * * * * * *

On a different note. This post started out with me wanting to tell you guys I made
'Pandan Chicken' today. Except I kind of wondered off topic as I typed my post.
That's the beauty of it, isn't it?

Eleven pieces of Pandan Chicken with a tinge too much curry powder.
Nonetheless, pretty good for a first try.




What a weird post this turned out to be.

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