Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who says you need a roast turkey to celebrate Christmas?

And I bet no one said anything about being a Christian to celebrate Christmas either.
After all, it's also a 3-day long weekend. That itself calls for a celebration, right?
So instead we chose to forget about what we don't have and make do with what we have.

No roast turkey? No problem.


We went ahead and got ourselves a yummy roast chicken instead. 
Baked up some cheesy cherry tomatoes and carrots to dress it up. Cooked up some mildly cheesy pasta. Faked up a minestrone. Mixed up some potato salad with fresh lettuce and eggs. Oh oh and somehow managed to also bake up a funny looking yet surprisingly delicious apple bread pudding. And top everything up with an affordable bottle of sparkling juice. *phew* And Waaa Laaaah! Enjoyed a grand feast for under uumm... RM40? 

Now who says it costs a lot to enjoy a delicious 5-course meal?


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