Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet My Oldest Friend

I knew him since day one.
He was right beside me even when I was still in my stroller with 
my pacifier in my mouth. I bet I even offered my pacifier to him but obviously 
he's so not interested... in the pacifier of course.
Because I was pretty sure he was very much interested in me.
Since he kept telling me to hug him.
Though obviously I was clueless since I had no ideas what are words back then.
I mean, I barely managed "papa" at that age.
And nope, I'm not talking about my dad here.


I'm talking about my Hug-Your-Bear.

A bear as old as me and probably the only bear that has no given name.
(I called the one on the right "Patches". He's also the youngest bear I own.)

Well, I had Hug-Your-Bear when I was still a baby. 
I'm pretty sure I was not knowledgeable enough back then to give him a name.
All mom did was kept telling me to "Hug you bear, Jo! Hug you bear." 


27 years later and he's still here with me.
And honestly, I probably love him more today 
then I was when I was a baby, kid, teenager, etc.
It's pretty awesome don't you think?
To still have your very first bear with you.


I think it's awesome.

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