Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Rather Different Reunion Dinner

Ever since our Christmas dinner last month, I was on a roll in churning out 
'special' meal ideas for the family to celebrate every possible occasion. 
Y.u.m.m.y! Just the mere thought of it is making me salivate. 

So how can we celebrate Chinese New Year 
with just another usual steamboat right?

No Siree! Now the picture above might look like any other 
steamboats in any other households...


Take a look at that my friends!

"Ceh... tomyam you say?"

NOoooooo! Impossibru!

That my dear friends is a kimchi-jigae steamboat yo!
Now look at that happy korean-loving sister smiling one for the camera.
You bet I'm smiling too behind the camera.

Now let us roll the date back to a few weeks prior to the highly-anticipated 
reunion dinner. It was already decided then that we were going to do a steamboat this year
but... a sudden light bulb appeared over my head and then I calculated the risk 
and voiced out the idea.

"I got an idea for our steamboat!"

"What? You want to do miso soup is it?" 

*so sarcastic and yet so close to the truth as well*

"Umm... no and I not sure if we should risk it since it's reunion dinner
but I was thinking of doing... kimchi stew?"

*few seconds of silence*

"The one like we had in that Korean restaurant the other day?"

"Umm... yup but I don't know lah since I've never tried to cook it before...
maybe we shouldn't...." 


Ehh?!?! Hahaha. And so Kimchi Jigae steamboat it is! 
If you must know, it was not bad at all. Hehe. The funny thing was mom kept insisting that we need more soup, so I ended up cooking two pots full and guess what, we had leftovers! Hmmph! But all's good because we threw in some noodles and had ourselves some Kimchi Ramen for lunch this afternoon instead.


So I guess it's time to look at the calendar and see what's the next occasion. 

Oh oh... Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

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