Friday, February 04, 2011

Korea Called And Told Me He's In Front Of My House

Got a call one day from an unknown number while I was at work.

[SCENE 1: Vin answers the call]

Mysterious Caller: Hello, Ms Jovin?

Me: Yes?

Mysterious Caller: mumbles mumbles Korea mumbles...

Me: Huh? Korea? *If there's anywhere, Mysterious Caller sounded very much like 'India' to me*

Mysterious Caller: Korea... ini Korea!

Me: *still not getting it*

Mysterious Caller: Hantar barang!

Me: Ohh! Courier!


He probably thought ini Ah Moi tak reti Bahasa Inggeris. Imagine that! It almost sounded like I was the one who failed English. -__-


[SCENE 2: Mysterious Caller shall henceforth be reintroduced as Courier Guy.]

Courier Guy: Saya kat depan rumah sekarang. Hantar barang dari Ipoh!

Me: Ah! *I knew instantly who the sender was* Rumah tak ada orang keh?

Courier Guy: Ada kut.

Me: Okay, I telefon rumah, you tunggu ya.


And so I called and finally someone at home opened the door and received the package on my behalf.


You get Chinese New Year cards,
I get Big Box of Goodies for Chinese New Year!

Ummm... not exactly what I was expecting.

Improved version of Kawaii Cookies.
Much more refined, much more cleaner, much more cuter
and much much more heartwarming...

...because this time, it came in abundance!

Green Pea Cookies!
Honestly who else sends self-made cookies like Cheah-san?

*hugs cookie bottles*

Oh yes!
The rabbits somehow managed to hop all the way from Ipoh too.

*sigh in contentment*

In conclusion, you don't really need a lot of friends.
You just need a few awesome ones.

Plus points if they're nifty bakers!



Anonymous said...

This is sooooo inspiring! I absolutely LOVE your blog! Never stop blogging!!!!!!

Vin aka Hiyashi said...

Wow! Thank you! And your comment is a great motivation for me to stop laze around and blog more. Thank youu!! :)