Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Had A Dream

That was this morning but truth to be told, I always have strange dreams. Last week was the ultimate dream week for me. They're almost movie-like. Action-packed with gun shooting, car chasing and even artificial intelligence. I'm always hesistant to share them with others for fear that people might think I'm crazy or just making the stories up. Half of the time I get the "Are you for real?" look from my sister. You know that "skeptical eyebrow scrunch up" kind of look you get when people think you're bullshitting them. And that's coming from my sister.

"Were you watching any movies before you went to bed?"

"Umm... Glee?"

I do watch movies every day during my ride to and back from work, thanks to Gadget Boy. But all I had been watching for the past four weeks were Harry Potter movies, all six of them. If movie-watching was the cause behind my dreams, I would be a witch casting spells.

Now all these dreams are still merely dreams that
could possibily mean something or nothing at all.

But this morning, I had a dream that made a difference to reality. Out of the blue, with no actual beginning, I was dreaming that I needed to go to the loo. Yaya. I know that sometimes that happens to almost anyone. It's sorta a sign your body and brain is trying to tell you that... well, you literally need to go to the loo.

Here's where it got interesting. I couldn't find the loo, or at least I was still looking for it when I got distracted by food. Can you believe that? I actually stood there in my dream, pondering whether I should continue my mission to answer nature's call or sit and eat. In my defence, the food was seriously gooooood. Though I don't remember what they were. :P

Guess what?!

I sat and ate, holding back my need to pee.


I guess that's the Real Me being stubborn and refuse to get up and go to the toilet. Well, kudos to my brain and my power to dream. While I was eating away in my dream, the 'sleeping me' heard my dad knocking on my door and telling me he needed to use the toilet. See! Here's where dream and reality blurred out. I knew I was dreaming, I even rationalise that mom was probably using the toilet downstairs and dad needed to use the attached bathroom in my room. So I actually forced myself to wake up, walk over and open the door for my dad.

Guess what again?!

Duh. There's no one there.

Brain 1. Me 0.
I lost.

So I closed the door and went to the toilet. For real this time.
Oh I went back to bed after that but the food was gone. :P

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