Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Week in Pictures

Made a trip down to Kuala Lumpur last week to send young sis back to uni. There were certainly lots of 'picture-perfect' moments caught on camera and to save the hassle of breaking them into separate posts which, by the way, knowing myself will take waaay looooong time to update.

Family Night In with the 'Gods'


Godparents, that is.

Dad truly enjoyed himself that night when we all gathered at the dining area to drink and be jolly. Godpa appointed dad as his assistant bartender and as you can see from above, dad took his role seriously. *points to top inserted pic on the right* That's mom giggling at dad's silly antics. *points to bottom inserted pic* There was even a 'prize-giving' ceremony.

Family Day Out at Fullhouse

We practically live, eat and breathe at Sunway whenever we're down KL. What's with sis studying at Sunway University, godparents living in Subang and with Sunway Pyramid the meeting point for all meet-ups.

Mom was quite happy with the place. Want to impress a mom? Give her value for money. We ordered two set lunch and two a la carte. Though the difference in price between the two was just RM2.00 for an additional drink, soup and dessert. However, RM4.00 saved is well still RM4.00 saved. :P It's a Penangite's trait to count every penny's worth. Besides, you see that two large 'jug' of ice lemon tea there? We couldn't even finished that, let alone 4 of those.

Dinner Out with Friends

At Garden, Sunway Pyramid.

*pauses for 5 seconds*

I did not spent 10 hours at Sunway Pyramid okay!
I did leave the building after lunch.
I just went back there for round 2 with friends.

And since I was early as usual. :P I had to make sure I didn't step into shops that I've visited during the day. Cubbie called me paranoid but come on, there was barely anyone in Marks & Spencers during a working day okay? I'm pretty sure they remembered the lady in pink who didn't buy anything or worst, the lady who was there the entire day! :O

Take a Swing for Your Blessing

Our final stop of the trip was the Kwan Yin Tong Temple somewhere near Ipoh. Mom read an article about the place and was eagered to visit the place. I met up with Ching Ching for lunch and she took us there and it is here that the prize-winning shot was taken!


I say the best shots are always the non-posey ones. Mom was actually still fixing her hair for the shoot when I begun taking the pictures. They thought all I took was one 'proper smiling' picture and was surprised when I showed them the rest. See there dad helping mom out of the carriage, now that's love! ♥ *grins grins grins*

Oh oh! Lo and behold! The gal who send me amazing cookies, not once but twice! Ching Ching aka Chingy aka Cheah-san!


It was a wonderful trip.

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Cubbie said...

Woot, you're wearing the same baju... in each pic!