Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mount tak Mau?

[SCENE 1: 20 minutes before Boss leaves for his meeting with a client]

Cik Datang: Eh... are you done with that? I need to mount that.

Me: *left hand holding the visual, right hand pointing at something else on screen, lost eyes wandering between the two*

Me: Mount lah!

*hands Cik Datang the visual and decides to concentrate on what's on screen*

Cik Datang: Need to mount right?

Me: Mount.

Cik Datang: Sure mount?

Me: Mau mau mau!

*Cik Datang leaves scene to do her 'mounting' duty*

[SCENE 2: Two minutes later...]

Cik Datang: *comes in and stares at me in all seriousness* Dia tak mau.

Me: *stares back* .......

Both burst out laughing.

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