Monday, February 28, 2011


That's WHUAHH!!! with two Hs and three !!!
That's how BIG of a deal this story is about...
and that could very be the shortest title post for Hiyashibeeps.

Could be.

Not sure.

Bad memory.

Very good footing though.

Wait. What's this about anyway?

Oh yes. Here's the story...

*clears throat*

OH MY GOD! You would never believe it! Umm... so... was in a long brainstorming + briefing session till 6.30pm. Oh wait! Did I mention I only had Loh Mee for lunch? Did I know Loh Mee will not last me till dinner? Yes I did. Did I buy extra Indian curry puff as a snack? Yes I did. Did I foresee the meeting to end at 6.30pm? No I did not.

By then I realised perut sudah masuk angin. *sad face* Plus it was the first day of that bloody monthly ritual. So honestly I dunno the awful cramps were coming from gastric pain or menstrual pain. Probably both. Urgh. And after a long absence from your work desk, you'll have people waiting for your return, ready to fire you with all kinds of questions, needs and wants! When all I wanted to do is bend down and hope the pain goes away.

Wait wait! We haven't reached the WHUAHH!!! part yet.
Building the climax here.

So I finally left the office about an hour later and got home another 30 - 45 minutes later. PSP-san aka Gadget Boy dropped me off at the usual spot at the outer road of my house. I stepped out, said bye-bye and lifted my feet up to cross the drain.


Stomach cramped!

I knew I'm not going to make it across.

I knew I'm not going to make it back either.

And I landed one feet in the longkang on my black heels nonetheless.

PSP-san hit the breaks five meters away from me. Oh boy! I climbed back up. Stared at the back of his car. Took a breather, crossed the drain and walk towards the house.

All that and my instant thought was
"I should take up Kungfu. I got talent."


I'm weird that way.

But seriously. Like WHUAHH!!!

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