Saturday, September 11, 2010

And The Birthday Post Begins!

Awesome friends give you awesome birthday presents. Not because they buy you expensive gifts. Naturally, that's pretty awesome too. It'll make you go all "Aww... you shouldn't have." yet you know you'll all giddy on the inside. XD And then there's also gifts money can't buy. Those that simply just makes you go, "Awwwwww."

Gifts like this! *hearts*

Cutest Yummies arrived via post on Tuesday.
Sorry about the wrapping. I got totally excited and ripped the entire thing off before remembering taking pictures. Heh.

This was seriously the last thing that I was expecting to be in the box. I mean who sends a jar of homemade cookies via post? Cheah-san, that's who!

They look trapped inside there. LOL.
I look at their cute little faces and they're like screaming,
"Free Me! Free Me!"

Oh my gosh! So cute. How to eat lah?

Cheah-san later texted me saying she hoped it's not too early to send a gift. Hahaha... no dear. No one beats Cubbie at being no.1 when it comes to early gifting. That gal gave me my present back in July! JULY! Which reminds me I should blog about the awesome gifts she gave. Yes. GiftS! That gal got me some really unexpected gifts. You gals are so good at surprises man! Oh and dearest godmom gave me my present last month too, so Cheah-san, you are so totally not early. Hahaha. But you're a very awesome baker though and I love them to bits!

More birthday posts ahead. Be warned. Hehe.

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