Monday, November 23, 2009

Scratch the thought of work and play at the same time. Heck, a weekend of travelling and mall-hopping is way more tiresome than working. Longer hours and more physically-drained. Oh, and I'm not even getting paid for all the hard work. That's a weekend of buy buy money. Eeeeek! I mean bye bye money. -.-;; Oh, and my absence from work could only spell "More Work Tomorrow".

Gee, isn't it missing some exclamation marks.

Why am I being sarcastic to myself? *frowns*

Happy thoughts, Vin!
Think happy thoughts!

Hmm... now now, it's not all that bad. This was also my first "trip away from home" with my younger sister. Together exploring new grounds for her next study destination. I don't get why mom's that worried when I was practically threw myself to an unknown land more than 7 years ago and survived just fine. WAIT! That was 7 years ago? Now I'm feeling old. This post is just depressing. I should stop. Go to bed. Brace myself for tomorrow. Good night.

Yeah right. As if I'm ready and done for bed.
Much to do. Much to do.

I miss bed.
I have the sudden urge to express that thought, but am too lazy to make an effort to find a place to slot it into this post appropriately.

This has to be one of the most disorientated post ever.

Yeah right.
I just can't help myself.


Matthew said...
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Anonymous said...

*amused grin*

Vin aka hiyashi said...

*shocked* Who commented and then deleted? Who is Anoym-san? Confess now!