Monday, June 02, 2008

Vitamin C vs Vitamin P²

Hah. And I thought all I needed was Vitamin C. Boy was I wrong.

Getting Vitamin M, then find a Vitamin C? Life was, is and never will be that simple. No Siree. Found your Vitamin C? You got to make sure Vitamin C got enough Vitamin M within itself and more importantly the essential Vitamin P² that is greatly dear to us.

That’s right. In this metaphoric world I have just created since this last post, we are all Vitamic Cs to one another. It’s sad if you’re not a Vitamin C to someone and equally heartbreaking to not have any Vitamin C to call your own.

And every Vitamin C came from a set of Vitamin Ps. Vitamin Ps are where Vitamin P² comes from. In other words, the source! And without it, Vitamin C can’t react to form a chemical reaction strong enough to make a difference. Without Vitamin P², at this very moment Vitamin C is pretty much rendered useless.


Obstacle 02: Vitamin P² Solved!


Cubbie said...

T-T I'm going deeper into confusion. Ahahaa~!

Shahnon said...

Cousin!! Haha funny coincidence cause I also did a vitamin c entry. But not quite the same vitamin c if you get my meaning! ;)