Monday, June 09, 2008

Hiyashi Bakes pt02

Visual Proof! Hiyashi did baked Chinese Chicken Buns last Saturday. The result? Umm... let us put that on hold for now.

Step 01: Sift flour.
Note how small that penapis is? My brain cannot process what is the name of the utensil at the moment. Am close to closing my eyes due to the accumulative late nights. Anyway, dad said "we're doing it the manual way, almost ancient." There is a bigger "sifter" in the house but mom wasn't around and we're clueless about this kind of stuff, so... old traditional method then.

Step 02: Yeast, sugar and water GROW GROW GROW!
It's amazing I tell you, seeing it foaming up like that. At first I was wary about it, how is it possible? I don't believe lah. But it grew on its own. Yeast dear readers is an amazing amazing thing.

Step 03: Pour in the flour and kneed kneed kneed...

This is the part I didn't do properly that cost me dearly in the end. T_T *sobs*

Step 04 - 06: Let the Pao take its form!

I forgot to take pictures at this point. The dough was left to grow. That was when I escape off to make this post instead. And then cooked the filling. Let me tell you the filling was!

See that ugly shaped pao on the top right hand corner, that was done by my dearest imouto-chan. HAHAHA... shoo her away after that and force her to help me take pictures instead. I obviously make better looking pao than her. =P

Step 07: Steam the funny looking paos!
Here's when the excitement died and the disappointment kicks in. Eh, my pao really look not bad weh. So what gone wrong? The pao lah! The dough, the flour, the bun. HAHAHAHA... Kneeding is very important. No one told me that. I curi tulang a bit only, the dough didn't made it through. My dad said when you kneed, the air then seeps into the dough. Kneeding is what makes it fluffy. =.=;; Why awal-awal tak cakap?

But honestly, you see for yourself. Look not bad right?

My dad called these "Punishment Paos". That's the strategy to sell these paos. Little kids who are naughty shall be punish by eating these paos. Aww... heart-breaking ain't it?

And when came Sunday morning, those who woke up early got to eat yummy dumplings, those lazy sleeping ones who woke up late got punished and ate "Punishment Paos" instead.

As evil as dad was in naming the pao, he did gave some consoling words.

Dad: You think make pao so easy ah. Then the boh-cheng-saa (aka shirtless man) sell pao fellow mah no business loh!

Dad has a point. I shall attempt again.

Long long time from now.


Cubbie said...

HAhAha.. dun wan eat ur pao di!!!

Natalie Wong said...

So free can learn to make pao... :P

hiyashi said...

Cubbie: Sadly, neither do I. XD

Natalie: Yo! Last weekend our Agung's birthday mah. A bit bit free loh. How are you at the far away land of China!

Natalie Wong said...

Hahaha...try to survive here... have to learn everything again :P