Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hiyashi on TV!

Remember my attempt for my 15 minutes of fame HERE?

Hah! It happened!

Well, not exactly 15 minutes. *sheepish smile* Gosh, I think barely made pass 15 seconds worth of fame but it happened! I watched with my hands over my eyes. Yup, the type where the fingers are all spread out with gaps all over, the "paiseh but still wanna see" kind. I was soooo worried I made a fool out of myself there. But I guess TV3 are full of kind-hearted souls that edited what I think are the good sides of us many hopefuls. Nothing dramatically bad or embarassing for any of us I must say. Maa maa deshio.

And my mom keep on saying "You're on TV!"


Yup. It might not be 15 minutes nor am I sure if I made it pass 15 seconds, expressing what I thought after the audition like that but I can proudly put it down in my list of things I have done in attempt to show my existance to world.

Gotten my name on the newspaper before, got my face up on tv, got my thoughts up on the Internet. Hmmm... next up, my voice on radio?

DREAM BIG in small ways.

It works!


ps: No clip yet. Doubt there will be. Promise I'll post if I have the clip.

pps: No harm promoting something you were so eagered to be an ambassador for in the first place. So here it is, linkie to webbie.
My Aussie Adventure. Watch it. Every Sunday, 7.30pm on TV3! *winks* Too bad I'm not the one hosting it for ya! XD

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Cubbie said...

I wasn't there. -__________- to see it. BLAHH~ sob sob. Anyway congrats for being on TV~~! WAHHAHAHA~ next is radio? You can do it!

P.S. I went to the linkie and saw one of the peeps.. Alfred Loh right, is a really famous emcee for the Comic Fiesta events. He was emcee for it for two years now. I think he's gonna be emcee again this year too, haha it seems like everyone liked him coz he's so funny! Congrats to him too.