Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vitamin M vs Vitamin C

There are many different I WANTs in life.

What do you crave for at the moment? What is it that you willing to part away with your money to get it? Or what is it that you want but am that bit reluctant to say “bye bye money” for? Worst still, what is it that even with sufficient Vitamin M, you still find yourself in need of a whole long list of other vitamins?

The answer? There are many different I WANTs in life.

There are the little things that you just crave for. Like a more comfy pillow to sleep on every night. Nothing really you can’t do without but yet all the more delighted to have it as your own.

Then there are the bigger things in life. By bigger I mean cost-wise kind of bigger. Like taking up that Japanese class you have always wanted. Buying the queen size bed that allows you to sleep with your hands and legs spread out. Simply unnecessary yet simply tempting to think about. Or finally getting yourself a new tech-savvy phone that lets you snap better quality photos, listens to music, and oh gosh, maybe even update your blog.

Should I get what I want? Should I spend that extra few hundreds? Or should I save it for a much bigger I want?

And it's such a BIG I WANT, that it’ll probably take up the cost of all the I WANTs earlier. And you decide alright, dream big. Go for it. I can do away with the minor stuffs. Give me B-I-G.

Then you realize… Vitamin M was not the main supplement you need.

Originally written on 4 May 2008.


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Cubbie said...

Omg! T-T this is much too deep for me to comprehend. Sob sob*