Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ain't feeling good today

Hiyashi ain't feeling good today. Woke up to a headache that keeps on banging my head. T__T My throat's sore again. My mom's worried and I'm refusing to see a doctor about a buldging symptom. Yes. I avoiding. But gosh there's so many things else to worry about these days. Like tomorrow.

Another battle awaits. When will the war be over?


Cubbie said...

I think you're coming up with something, yes. A fever most probably! Drink more water please! >.< And rest more too!

hiyashi said...

I am! I feel sick today. But we gotta fight a war tomorrow. Hahaha...

And regarding all your previous comments.

1. Thank you for the wonderful brain massage.

2. Alfred Loh is really the funny guy. His intro clip during the show that aired last week was so funny and different from the others.