Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm One Step Closer To Stardom!

Basically it reads:


You have been shortlisted to be auditioned for a screen test to be an ‘Aussie Ambassador’ in-conjunction with the ‘My Aussie Adventure’ travalogue at:

blah blah blah aka details

How cool is that? Win or lose, the "screen test" itself will be a "heaven" of an experience! I have no idea what is installed for me this Saturday though. Totally lack of information in the mail. I googled the definition of "audition" and "screen test" and was left with endless possibilities with my uncontrolled imagination. @__@

Me : I'm coming down this weekend.
Me : But I doubt I can meet up with you.
Cubbie : Oh. What are you here for?
Me : Audition.
Cubbie : Whaaaaa???
Me : You hear me right.
Cubbie : Singing??
Me : *blinks* Why must audition associate with singing?
Cubbie : Ya mah. Audition. Amercian Idol.
Me : Then what about "screen test".
Cubbie : Acting?


Yup. That's four HAs. Rarely you'll get that from me but today is so great I'll throw in another two HAs for that matter and in bold. =P


As if one amusing conversation is not enough, here's another which is just too funny to be angry about.

Me : I need to apply emergency leave tomorrow for this Saturday.
Cik Datang : Why?
Me : Gotta go down KL.
Cik Datang : Interview ah? *getting curious*
Me : Ya. *taunting*
Cik Datang : Where? *now all eagered*
Me : TV#
Cik Datang : Wah. Newscaster? *shocked and excited*
Me : Ya right. Competition lah. Not for a job lah. *nyek nyek nyek*

After some explanation.

Cik Datang : Got send picture wan ah?
Me : What are you implying? My face not good enough for tv issit??

Hmmph Hmmph!

That being that. Gotta settle some things tomorrow.
Top on the list - My Emergency Leave!


Cubbie said...


Wahaha!! I can't wait to see you this Sat!!

hiyashi said...

Thanks! HAHA. Probably you'll the only one who understands the preciousness of my HAHAHAHA-HAHA. Hope to be able to see you, too. >__<

Cubbie said...

Waaaah, HAHA ur still awake! CIS!

Peeka said...

Congrats ^.^

Christopher Koh said...

Hey there..

Guess what...
I was one of the few who got shortlisted as well!!!
But never made through the next round though :(

金太郎 said...
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hiyashi said...

To Christopher: Really? Me too. Din't made to the next round but it was really an interesting experience. Heh.

Gosh I need to update my dying blog. -.-;;