Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Punishment For Being Lazy

I met Chisa-san last year through the net. She wanted to improve her English and me my Japanese. Mails come through very slowly for us because it takes time interpreting each other. We try our best to write in the language foreign to us and correct each other a lot since well, we both kinda suck at the language we're learning. HAHAHA. Then one day, the mailing stop. We didn't hear from each other for a few months.

Last week, I got a mail about an update from the site and was reminded of this Japanese friend. So, I took the "initiative" to say hello. I put quotes over the word "initiative" because I was lazy and wrote the entire mail in English.

Thought 100%. Effort 50%. My bad.

Why? Well, I got a reply a few days later.


A lengthy mail in full Japanese, minus that one line. -.-;; Now, it's hard enough to interpret a language that you only have survival knowledge about. It's even harded when Chisa-san resides in Osaka, Japan. It's not only Japanese, it's Japanese with a strong Osaka Ben, else known as a well-known dialect. Hahaha. Well, a friend gotta do what a friend gotta do. Luckily, the internet is very veeeery helpful these days.

With babelfish on and my dictionary all set, I'm equipped!

Now wish me luck!

ps: Dear Chisa, I might take awhile to reply. ^^;;


Cubbie said...

HAHAA~ I could use Google translate and translate everything! Mwahahaha!

hiyashi said...

Ya. I can easily do that with babelfish too but it's not just about understanding the mail. I wanna learn new words from it. Which word means what and that takes lots of time. -.-;;

First I romanji-nised all the words then dictionary the meanings of each of it. HAHAHA. You can imagine how long it takes to finish that one mail.

I can reply her mail upon understanding it but after that I won't have the initiative to disect the mail afterwards. *sigh*

Cubbie said...

Whoa whoa whoa! *nods*

Oi, why not? you can always dissect after a week of reading it! no hurry, go slowly~

3POINT8 said...

good luck~~

hiyashi said...

Cubbie: A week? I so wanna blog at the moment. -.-;;

3point8: Sankyuu! =)