Saturday, February 02, 2008

Interesting innit?

You know when we post stuff on the internet, at times we reach this identity verification thingy. Yup, happens at innit too. Unlike many others which features random letters and numbers, innit gives you very indifferent words to type. Heh. Have no idea how they are generated but here's one that perked my interest the other day.

construction Weiss?


And so I do what I always do when I need to know stuff fast, quick and efficient.

I googled.


An actual construction company in Detroit! Interesting.

Isn't it fun to learn something new everyday. Even though the knowledge is not necessary a very useful one. Hahaha. Knowledge is knowledge however small. Now I wonder what interesting words I'll get when I post this entry up on innit today.



Cubbie said...

SWWWWWWT. Commentless. <-- that's a comment too -.-

hiyashi said...

Are you trying to spam my blog or something? ^^;; Replied to all your comments. Missed all the earlier once umm.. earlier. Heh.

Aronil said...

Hehehe that is quite interesting.. I've wonder bout it too but not to the extent of googling hehehhe

Wendy said... that u mention, i only notice it...=P

hiyashi said...

To Aronil: Hahaha... it just strike my fancy that day. Today I got a name instead "something David". Didn't google it though. ^^;;

To Wendy: I guess we can't help but to notice it from now on. Hahaha..

coolku said...

Hmmmm... maybe i should try google it on my next post.:)

3POINT8 said...

You actually went google that..
ok.... sounds fun!

pinksterz said...

haha i nvr knew this. next time i sure try xD

Fluxevz said...

i cant believe u googled it man..i got that once but nvr thought of googling it tho.. XD

hiyashi said...

To coolku: Yup. Let's spread the Google Love. \^^/

To 3point8: Hahaha... judging from the comments I got this far, I'm thinking did I gone a wee bit too far by googling it. *swt*

To pinksterz: And I manage to convince another. Thx for reading!

To fluxevz: You mean you got that exact same word for verification? Haha..

Cubbie said...

Wee! 3rd in innit!