Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm edited!

やばい. This is not good. 


Hiyashi: I want Hataraki Man song.
Cubbie: Apa tu??
Hiyashi: You got imeem? *provides link*
Cubbie: *after listening* SWT! This one!
Hiyashi: Hahaha.. yaa. I'm edited. *totally oblivious*
Cubbie: Apa nih? Edited???
Hiyashi: *OMG* Addicted!


Hiyashi: I think not addicted to the song. More like addicted to my work. -.-;;

Inilah Buktinya!

To be more technically correct, I think I'm addicted to edit. -.-

*write write write*

*read read read*


*edit edit edit*

It's a my life-living process.


On another note, I'm starting to worry for myself. First I delete my hair, then I edit myself. I'm starting to believe I might not be "very alright" after all. @__@

Note: Hataraki Man is being played now. Enjoy! *snickers*


H@naKo said...

cant believe u reali put up that song!!!!

Cubbie said...


tikus said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLL wats wrong with tat song?

hiyashi said...

Hanako: You suppose to get me that song?

Cubbie: Like what Tikus said "What's wrong with that song?" SO NICE. >O<

Tikus: Where have you been hiding?

Cubbie said...

Everything! Everything's wrong! hahaaha!

hiyashi said...

Well.. I relate to it completely while I work. HAHAHA..

Cubbie said...

HAHHA~! Ok then. =P

hiyashi said...

I can't believe Hataraki Man is getting so much attention. LOL. Gotta update sooooon.

I'm watching the drama and the anime of the series though. You should too. Muahaaha..

Cubbie said...

I'll go check it out at Crunchy~

Cubbie said...


Wahh got rookie editor somore. Nice one. HAHA.

pinkiez said...

LMAO!!! wat kind of song is this?? LOL

aiyo..ive been hiding no where?? and u can cange your blogroll link to this one dy..HAHHAA

hiyashi said...

OMG. The comment list grow! Hahaha.. what are you guys doing here? *huggles*

Cubbie: Yaya.. exactly. So ngam. But i'm not an editor though. Funny how this post was me being "edited" though. Talk about the irony. ^^;; But the drama version can't be found in crunchy though. =(

Pinkiez: We were still debating how I got this link to your mumzie's bloggie instead. Hahaha.. Alrites. I shall change as soon as I update a new post, which is dueeeee long ago. XD