Sunday, February 03, 2008

There's Always a First

It's true. There's always a first time for everything. Some of you might think "Hah. Silly gal making a fuss over such a thing." But I got my first "nang" yesterday. I don't usually post every blog entry I write to innit because I doubt what I write really interest anybody. =.=;;

But at times I find what I write fairly relatable. ^^;; And thus, wish to share. Never have I got a nang before. So it's a biggy deal when I got one yesterday thanks to my interesting discovery about something on innit.

And thus, that calls for a screencap. *grins*

I went to bed with a little achievement of 3 nangs and had a good night sleep. But when I woke up...

*blink once*

*blink twice*

OMGawd. Interesting innit? got itself to the most popular list of the day. Wow. My short hours of fame. *turns bright red* *blush blush* But silly bloggy me was very very pleased. So pleased I couldn't help to announce my little first achievement on the blogosphere.

Hiyashi to family: I got myself in the recent most popular entry on innit.

Parents: Innit?

Hiyashi: *explains what is it about* Remember nuffnang? Well innit is... blah blah blah...

Sister: So what was your post about? *everyone looked at me*

Hiyashi: Well, it's about a funny word I stumble upon during a identity verification thingy. *goes on to explain the entry*

Everyone: *stares* ???

Hiyashi: Ah. Never mind. -.-;;

So I guess, it's bloggers who understand bloggers well. *shrugs* I'm just glad people found my little discovery interesting. And by the time I post this entry up, my 24 hours of fame would probably be over. :) Oh well, all well that ends well. I see it as a good sign for the coming new year. hehehe...


David Cheong said...

Haha congratz... Hope to hear more good stuffs from you some more =p

3POINT8 said...

Awww....the post gone dy.
But yea, that post was kinda original. I mean, I've heard of people doing crazy things, but its my 1st time hearing someone who actually went google some word verification.

hiyashi said...

To David: It's nice fuzzy feeling to know people enjoy reading what you wrote. Thanks a bunch!

To 3point8: Oh dear. So now I'm one of those crazy people who does crazy things? @_@ I prefer being labelled weird than crazy though. Hahaha..

Cubbie said...

Yaaa u left me commentless. HAHA!