Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just dropping by ...

*waves* I'm alive! Poor blog has been abandoned -.-;; and shall remain abandon for awhile more. I've been taking photos and having thoughts on what to update and blog about but never got the heart to do it whenever I'm home. *sads*

This pic was taken few weeks ago already -.-;; Anyway, I'm just putting it up to annoy Cubbie.. muahaha.. chocolate dip dip.. yummy!

Isn't this just amusing? No fishing. Hehehe.. A sign right in the middle of the ferry terminal. That old green yellow thing in the background is the ferry. You can see cars inside.

Will attempt to update soon. This post is really just a "dropping by" post. Maybe I should switch to Yamapi style again just to get me to update more often again. ^^;;


Cubbie said...

*is annoyed* I want some of that..! Swts. The only time i've ever saw it was those online piccciiess.. and now this!

H@naKo said...

hey~~ I want that as well!!!