Thursday, August 31, 2006

Melaungkan Kemerdekaan!

"Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!"

49 years! I bet next year will be a grand celebration, half a century man! This year is kinda quiet though, hahaha... already all busy with next year? Am I getting to excited? I might not be the most patriotic person but I love my country. Hiyashi is proud to be Malaysian! *okay, I just contradict myself with that Japanese nickname* So... Today, I'm going to break down my "barrier" a little and reveil myself as Wong, proud to be Malaysian! Hahaha... I know.. SWTS!

Hey, I may be obsess with everything related to Japan, dreams to go to Italy and eat my favourite spaghetti till I wanna puke but it'll still be a Malaysian in Italy who happens to adore Japan way too much. ^__^

I better stop before it starts to sound way too corny.

Hiyashi - made in Malaysia not Japan *winks*


Cubbie said...

*pats* You wanna stay Malaysian.. with growing crime rates.. swts.. Hmm. I hope this crime rate thingie will get lower soon. -_-; Dont step outta ur house without something to defend yourself.

H@naKo said...

hahaha...hanako made in malaysia tooo~~!!

hiyashi said...

Cubbie - My mom is asking me to buy pepper spray. I'm just worried I accidentally spray at myself instead. -.-;;

Hanako - Hai hai! Hanako also made in Malaysia. How are you actually? You din update your blog for quite some time eh, lucky you sms me that day. So I know how you are doing bit bit... hehe..