Thursday, July 20, 2006

Got to learn to shut down the brain

It rained this morning.
Rain till the ferry service was interupted. T_T
Stood there for half hour with hundreds others waiting for the green light to go onto the ferry.
I guess it's for everyone's safety. Dangerous to go out to sea in such a condition.
Punched my card at 9.04am.
Yokatta! Company gives a 5 mins allowance. \^^/
Anyway, photo blogging this time is my desk.
Boring? Gomen ne.

Little peek to the overall look. Nothing on my job cause I don't want to get fire for leaking company' stuff out. The island is a magazine article... haha.. nothing much. But what's behind the iBook?

A little token from Pauline, fellow trainee. Only spent two weeks with her before she left to continue her studies. So sweet of her. Sankyuu Pauline! Okay, now the other side.

TADA~! For a better view, I shall zoom in! Behold!

Stick on the board is a token from Gary, the A.D. -.-;;
In cantonese "ju pang gao yao" visually translate to the above "piggy + doggy = friends" *sobs* But I insist I'm a mouse!

Kawaii neh? Too bad I don't really have any idea who she is. Anyone knows? This is a gift I got today from Violet, the A.E. ^^ Sankyuu Violet! Hope you feel better. She came this morning with some stomach problem and was getting serious after that and went on M.C for the day. >.<

And that's the end of my desk.
Change of topic and back to the title of the post.
I got to learn to shut down my brain.
As if, I don't already spend enough brain power while working and writing copies. Here's some examples that went through my head while on the ferry back from work.

To the elderly person sitting next to me, was wondering if she's an elderly lady or an elderly man. -.-;; I respect the elders and in no means to be offensive but when people get older, its the usual sign of thin white hair, old wrinkles skin, etc. So, we pretty much look the same when we're old. I guessed she was a lady anyway and confirmed it when we stood up and saw her shoes. You can't go wrong with the shoes. At least, that's what I tell myself inside my head.
To the man walking in front of me. My thought and inner advice to the man, if your hair shows sign of thinning and you're getting bold by day, please don't use so much hair gel then. -.-;;

And so I walked on, see another elderly lady walking in front of me. Then I think, why all elderly ladies clothes are the same kind? Is it something we should wear when we're old? Or is it because that's what they wear back then in those days when they're young and thus feel comfortable in? Etoo... then are we to wear jeans and tees when this new younger generation eventually become the next old generation? Probably not. Then? These trademark old people clothes too? *shrugs*

I really got to stop thinking so much. My thoughts are scarying me.

Hiyashi - shutting off her brain.


Cubbie said...

^_^ SETSUNA!! muahaahaah~ i won! gimme a cookie! :3 And, an active mind is good for health. So, dont stop thinking! >.<

hiyashi said...

Whoever said it was a competition? @_@ *gives a cookie anyway*

Mengel T said...

She is from comic Magister Negi Magi (魔法老師) ^^ Her name is 櫻咲剎那, is 近衛木乃香's body guard.