Sunday, August 20, 2006

I wish I had a better title

I should come up with a better title for a post. It should be a "training" of some sort for my job. Hahaha... but I'll save my brain power for tomorrow. Another week of work. I realised what I probably will miss about studying. HOLIDAYS! *pouts* Schooling sister has a week of school holiday to enjoy. *baps ownself* Gosh! Grow up!

I wish my thoughts will appear automatically by itself on the blog. Oh wait, that's not good. *rephrase* I wish I have the power to choose which of my thoughts will appear on the blog, and appears automatically. Why? Because of my random thoughts everywhere. I.e: I thought of something I wanted to write up here while I was in the bathroom and now that I'm in front of the computer I forgot what was it about already. >.< Hmm.. on with the pics.

Doggie with a bone 'magneted' to its mouth. A token of rememberance *did I spelt it right? Yo! Blogger, maybe you can come up with a spell-check function for right-brain centre people like me* anyway, it's from Violet. Off she goes to KL to try her luck and show her skills and talents. All the best to her. Make us Penangites proud! Hahaha...

I attempted to upload the second picture three times and it just wouldn't appear! Why? Blogger Why? By the way, sorry for the last post of saying Mac can't show the picture while I compose and only appear in html format. I have a feeling it was me being stupid and was in Edit Html mode. I'm not too sure. *shrugs* I'll check tomorrow. Gomen gomen. *bows*

A kame Mi-gu! HAHAHAHA... so round and so cute.




hiyashi said...

wow. your blog is just full of camera photos. But what's with the comment? ^^;; Comma?

Cubbie said...

haha~ attention whoring.. :P me is doin sa same too i suppose. >.<

and kame.. swt...........swtswt!! wahahah~ its just too.. pink