Saturday, August 19, 2006

A post from the office

Four minutes to nine. ^^;;
My first ever post from the office.
Wanted to update yesterday night but was watching tv instead.
Kyaaa.. was attempting to post a pic up and realised there are some things missing in blogger when using a Mac.
Those font options up there has disappeared!
Oh no! The picture I've uploaded won't appear.
It came out html coding and the option to view the post in html format is also not here.
-.- I'm not liking Mac very much right now.
Then again, it's been awhile since my post are fully textual without any photos. =^^=
Since I can't do much here, I better go. I'm talking pointless stuff anyway.
Can't wait for lunch time, gonna treat my family Japanese food!
Although mom and dad don't favour it very much but I owe my sister a Japanese meal for a very long time.
I got to try my best to convince my parents that Japanese food can be tasty! p>oOkay, I said I wanted to go didn't I?

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Cubbie said...

And my part as well! i want sushi..