Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Blues

6.30am - wakes up -.-zz

7.10am - insist on watching Shuji to Akira performance in 24 Hours event thingy before I leave for work

7.15am - leaves for work

7.30am - boarded a crowded ferry, thus stand all the way through

7.50am - insist on getting to work by the 1-3 bus instead of the 1-1, so ended up waiting in the bus alone *mom would probably scold me for putting myself in such a situation for my own 'determination'*

8.05am - hooray! people!

8.35am - reached office -.- *still Monday blue-ing* continues to remind myself of my KAT-TUN CD I bought yesterday back home to cheer myself up... hahaha

9.05am - breakfast came in *totally forgot I ordered breakfast last week and ate breakfast at home already*

10.00am - I think it was around this time, not sure. Called for weekly briefing/meeting

11.30am - stared at "breakfast", thou shall now be called "lunch"

12.40pm - ate what was suppose to be breakfast

4.00pm - doing this! *giggles* Monday blues be gone!

4.08pm - published blog, view blog, came back in "Edit entry" and complains... Can't see updated post in Mac. *grumbles*

4.09pm - earphone sings "OSAKA!" hahaha.. kyou mo, ashita mo, asate mo...

4.13pm - *realises* Bloggie is over a year old. *pats bloggie* Sorry for not realising it earlier. >.<
5.55pm - leave office

6.10pm - trying to maintain balance in the dirty bus

7.15pm - home, having dinner

9.04pm - watching live telecast of Siti Nurhaliza's wedding ceremony *what the??* -.-;;

9.24pm - insist on uploading a picture of my precious CD to remember it later on when I read this entry in the future

9.38pm - Don't really approve this kind of blogging. *decides* Shall not do this again in the near future. Maybe in the far far away future it will appear again though.

Hiyashi - Edit entry at least 5 times ^^;;


Cubbie said...

Dont be so blue. :P Mondays are good for me. Coz 8tv got shows that I like. Muahah!

hiyashi said...

Tomorrow's Monday again. >.<;;