Saturday, December 10, 2011

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

When life throws you germs though,
don’t even look back, just run and run far far away! 

 To those who wondered what on earth happened to my ‘simple’ mission, well, the mission is fine but I’m not. I ended up falling sick right towards the last day of my mission and lived through the week with slower brain functionality. Felt totally terrible on Monday. Got a wee bit better on Tuesday. Functioned better on Wednesday. Stuck with a stuffy nose on Thursday. And finally thought that was the end of the whole ordeal on Friday. 

Except I kind of feel worst today than I was yesterday.

What the *toot*?!?!

It almost seemed like I’m back at the starting point again with that stupid little sore in my throat that refuses to go away along with a little strand of phlegm caught in between the nasal. So tiny that I just couldn’t “craaaccc…eerrk… pui!” it out. :(

Am so very not amused.

So yeah. The result of my ‘simple’ mission is still in my camera. Hanako-bachan, I know you’re eager to know but you just got to wait a bit more ya. Gomenasai.


H@naKo said...

haha...take care~ although i'm sick too..guess ur germs spreaded over..ah choo..!!

Jovin Wong said...

Super germs can travel 400km per minute from my place to yours. >.<

Bachan must take good care of yourself even more because bachan have to take care of Baka-ojichan too. Hehe...