Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out With The Old And In With The New!

That's exactly what one should do to greet the new year.
And that's exactly what we did at home.


Our old, worn and humble sofa that has served us not that well for many years.
If you think this is just a sad sight to behold, you will be glad to know that I have decided against posting the three-seater one. Hahaha. After editing the photo, I feel a tad bit embarrassed over it. So nope, not posting that up. 

So the story begun months ago when mom finally urged dad to 
"For god sake, buy a new sofa set!"

It was decided then that a new sofa we shall get except all of us kind of procrastinated 
till the max. So there was no sight of a new sofa set for another few months until... 
OMG! It's December! Hahaha. And finally, dad gave himself a deadline to get a new sofa set before the new year. 

Three weeks ago, we finally stop sitting on the job and instead sat on what was going to be our new sofa set. It was told that a newly manufactured one will be delivered to us in two weeks time. So we waited. And waited. And then we called. "Where on earth is our sofa?" 
And then we complained. And then to cut the story short. 

It finally came yesterday night. 
Delivered at 8.30pm at night yo! 

Hooray! New sofa in sight.

New sofa trying to make its way through the doors.

New sofa landed safely into the living room.

New sofa gets an unofficial opening ceremony.

Brand new pretty, comfy, 'luxurious' sofa. :)

Good bye poor old stuffy sofa. :(

And now I can finally show you our three-seater sofa. 
Pretty right? Hahaha. Maybe a tad too pretty for everything else in our living room.


Oh well. It's a beautiful start.


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