Saturday, December 17, 2011

Confidence Makes Awesomeness


Though I guess it is also Awesomeness that makes Confidence.

I don't claim to be a fan, neither am I an avid follower of the Chinese music scene.
Heck, I don't even though half the songs he's singing *hides* but they're definitely super memorable hits since I vaguely remember most of the chorus and melodies. 'Most' being the keyword here. Hehe. But everything I see and hear him sing, my head just go "Awesome. Awesome. Awesome." until the performance ends. I mean, look at those faces of other celebrities watching him. They read "Awesome. Awesome. Awesome." too! Hahaha.

*in a small voice*
Though I did kinda cringed at his 'corny' antics at the end of the performance. 
Hahaha. I guess he's totally 'feeling' it. =P Who cares? It's still awesome!

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