Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hiyashibeeps' Ohhsome Awards for 2010

It's that time of the year again to reflect and remember. This year, we're doing it differently. No more monthly summaries. We're sending in nominations and picking winners for each category. So here we go!

Most Ohhsome Moment of the Year
Winner: The Impromptu Holiday Series: In Which I Finally Met Bobby. Say Woot Woot!

Most Ohhsome Long and Mighty Post of the Year
Winner: 'A Japanese Summer' The Series.
Begun: 27 Aug 2008, Ended: 30 May 2010.

Most Ohhsome Comical Post of the Year
Winner: The Olivin & Cubger: Mini Series

Most Ohhsome Theory of the Year
Winner: The Chopstick Theory

Most Ohhsome Conversation of the Year
Winner: The Walking Talking Typo Detector

Most Ohhsome Bad Time of the Year
Winner: Summing up December in 500 Words

Most Ohhsome Style of the Year
Winner: Banyak Ada Stail Loh

and the winner for the Most Ohhsome Post of the Year goes to...


Just like last year's Golden Kancil Award, none of the post was kick awesome enough to win the ultimate award. Let's hope 2011 sees a better set of nominations.
Till then!

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