Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Chopstick Theory

So here's the thing. I rarely leave a comment on Facebook, I hardly update my status and I almost never upload a photo. Out of the 185 photos I have on Facebook only 3 were uploaded by me. THREE!

And out of those three, two were uploaded this year. That's quite a progress I must say. Imagine I had a cake as my Profile Picture for over 2 and a half years. My colleagues kept commenting "Your cake sudah rotten lah. Change lah!"

Wait! All that being said and done, my point was...
"I rarely leave a comment on Facebook."
but when I do, I like to think I leave an impression. *shameless*

You see just the other day a friend posted a status that reads "the chopsticks theory..." which led to a bunch of comments trying to 'decipher' the theory as shown in the screencap below. Yada yada... it's not hard to figure out that the idea was 'needing a pair to function' right?


Except it wasn't me who answered that all wise and correct.

Instead, I had to be all Ms Smart Pants
and replied that comment with this:

"but but... I only need one to eat 'yu dan' during dim sum.. :P"

Yamah! Tak salah pun. Even Mr-Have-Been-Blurred-Out agreed with me as shown above. Plus I got a '1 person Like this' vote. *grins* So I think I might have successfully shot down "the chopstick theory".

At least that's what I thought a few days ago before I was here writing this post.

You see. As much as I love eating 'yu dan' aka Cantonese for fish balls, I don't want to go through life eating just 'yu dan'. I mean there's so much more to enjoy. Sui Mai, Har Kao and a whole bunch of stuff. And I can't enjoy all that with just a single chopstick...

if you know what I mean.

So to whoever's out there holding the other single chopstick, could you please show yourself soon? I believe life's best dim sum feast is waiting for us. :)

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the status was probably referring this: