Sunday, January 09, 2011

This May Be My 300th Post in the Last 5 Years but that's Alright With Me!

I've been busy doing too many things and nothing at the same time. I've been spending my nights planning. Yeah. Big plans ahead. Uhuh. Mom questioned me the other day though, saying after six months and I'm still not done with planning. Well, the general idea is there but now I'm down to the nitty gritty stuff. Being the Virgo perfectionist that I am, I like to be prepared, well-informed, know all my options and well have lots of Plan B, C & D in case Plan A falls flat.

I'm not complaining though. Part of the joy of the entire thing is planning. It's like I'm half way there already. *grins*

Wait. That wasn't what this post is about. Where was I? Oh ya. Hiyashibeeps's 300th post! It's really a very humble amount but like I said, "It's alright with me." So here's a little something to kick-start 2011 with upbeat possibilities. Enjoy while I continue to plan my grand scheme for March. Muahahahahaha!

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