Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Walking Talking Typo Detector

So apparently as a copywriter I'm not just responsible for the things I write but am also a walking talking typo detector to everyone in the office.

Situation 1: In the studio discussing about cameras.
Cik Anai was fussing about getting a waterproof camera that allows her to take good shots underwater and the discussion went on behind my back, literally, while I was minding my own business. Then suddenly...

Cik Anai: I heard Olympia is good, too.

Paprik Lover: Yea yea. Olympia is not bad.

*conversation continues*

Me: Huh?
*detecting something is not quite right*

*spins around*

Me: Olympia? Olympus wei! Olympia is College lah.

Cik Anai & Paprik Lover: Oh ya! HAHAHAHA....

Situation 2: On the way to lunch. (the same day)
While in the car, we saw a young Malay girl riding behind her mom on a motorcycle with her tudung flying over her head. As she was attempting to pull her tudung back down...

Ms Easter: See... tak pakai topi keledek.

Me: *again in another huh? moment*
Me: Isn't it topi keledar? Keledek is ubi keledek! POTATOES!

Ms Easter: Oh ya woh. HAHAHAHA...

And mind you such conversations take place on a daily basis. Such as the case of the pirated father. I will never live that down. HAHAHA.

Till next time!

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