Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Impromptu Holiday Series: In Which I Finally Met Bobby. Say Woot Woot!

Continuing from here and here, I was finally on my way to meet Bobby Chinn for dinner but alas, with a battery-less camera.

How sad.

Well, not really.

You see, I met a very kind food blogger by the name of Boo, who was invited for the dinner as well. She's the foodie expertie behind Masak-Masak. *click click to read her blog* She offered to take our pictures for us. See there's nice people in this world after all. Hee..

So not only did I get a very very nice picture taken *using a canggih-manggih camera* but OMG! I got featured in her blog as well. Masak-Masak wei! When Boo asked if it's okay to use the photo in her blog, I of course agreed because after all, I wouldn't have such a photo if it wasn't for her. However, all I was expecting was a little mention and a photo somewhere in the middle of the post. I wasn't expecting to find my face at the top of the entire post. O_O

*click on the picture to read her post*

Though, who cares about me, it's Bobby that everyone's looking at. Handsem kan? Ahahaha.. and there I was squeezed in between him and dear godma. *grins* Yes yes, the dinner invitation was for two and I so I asked if she could make it for dinner as well.

The dinner was at Al-Halabi Lounge at JW Marriott. It was my first time at a Middle Eastern restaurant and it was certainly an eye-opener for me. The deco and lighting were dark and intimate with the front part of the lounge filled with comfy sofa and lounge chairs. This is totally the 'hang-out' spot for Middle Eastern tourists where they can simply sit back, relax and enjoy a taste of home, or in this case, a puff of home with their shisha.

We were all sitted around a U-shaped table which in my opinion was not the best seating arrangement for such an event. It made the dinner a little impersonal. We ended up breaking into separate chat groups instead of interacting as a whole. Six of us on the left, which included food blogger, Kyspeaks and his fiance, Haze, were chatting among ourselves, while the other six at the other side of the U, were in their own little world. The other winner and his mom who were seated at the centre of the U were all shy and quiet throughout dinner.

Luckily Bobby's voice were loud enough to be heard by all when it came to 'story-telling' time. He shared with us his experience in the Middle East during his filming for World Cafe Asia, covering from Persian, Egyptian to Turkish and more.

Food was served after that. We got to tick our choice of starter and main course. Not bad for attentiveness I must say. Though I won't rate it in terms of taste since I have no prior knowledge regarding such cuisine. For that, you should head over to Masak-Masak or Kyspeaks. Not to mention all the food pictures they took with their canggih-manggih camera.

This post is sadly without enough pretty photos in it.


After dinner, the PR team announced a mini autograph session. 'Mini' being there were only 10 of us in total excluding Bobby and the PR team themselves. Here's when it got interesting. You see, upon knowing I was heading down to meet Bobby, I tweeted...

In which he actually replied.

Say Woot Woot!!! x 1000000

Of course, it didn't end there.

And he replied again. *flail flail*

*flail somemore*


So... back to the dinner.

He was signing his cook book for me when the PR team mentioned that I came all the way from Penang to see him. He looked up, looked at me and said,

"Ah.. YOU!"


"Ah... Yes Me!"

Okay. I was silly and speechless there and then. Imagine that! A copywriter at a loss for words. How can wei?! Malu betul.


But who cares! I got a personalised message from Bobby!

"...all the way from one of my favourite cities for food."
- Best Wishes Always, Bobby Chinn, KL 20.10.10

*hearts hearts*

That's it! Must promo kau-kau now.

For those who love World Cafe Asia, make sure to catch Bobby's latest Middle East Special, every Monday, 10pm on TLC, Astro Channel 707. For those who have yet to catch the show at all, shame on you and please do! The show is now one hour long as oppose to the previous 30 minutes and the Middle East Special is a 4-episode special with tomorrow being the 3rd of the series. So make sure you switch on your television tomorrow and enjoy a Bobbylicious experience like me! :)

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