Monday, October 25, 2010

The Impromptu Holiday Series: The Misadventures of a Food-filled Holiday

These days, the thought of riding a long-distance-bus to anywhere would almost certainly gives you goosebumps. The accident toll is simply too high and loud to be ignored. Yet, it is still one of the more time and cost efficient ways to travel.

By plane?
Too expensive, especially when it's a last minute thingy.

By train?
Waaay too slow, unless you're departing from Ipoh which now has a relatively fast train to KL.

By bus?
Moderate in price. Moderate in travelling time.

So the least you could do is choose a better bus company I guess. In this case, we chose Aeroline. 'We' being me and my family. Yes, it is pricer than other bus companies but it arrives straight to the area (shopping centre) or your choice, 1Utama, Sunway Pyramid or Corus hotel for those heading to town. Sis is studying in Sunway College, so arriving at Sunway Pyramid is really a convenient thing for her especially with our aunt living in Subang Jaya as well.

So off I go on my way down to meet Bobby.

Except there were only six passengers in the bus, plus an attendant and the bus captain. *psst* When you pay RM60 for a trip down to KL by bus, you don't call him 'driver', you call him 'captain'. Ada stail, ada kelas, ada uniform, okay? :)

And you see what I discovered?!

Which means I can have my laptop on throughout the bus ride, Yes?


Nonono. It's not that the power is not working. It's just that I was tooo dizzy to function myself, let it be my computer. One, because there's way too little passengers on board on a weekday, the entire bus was shaky with the empty seats swaying left and right with no weights on them. Two, obviously I haven't ride on a coach bus for a loooong long time. Probably since my university days. O_O

To be honest, I kinda freaked out a little because there was a time when I used to boast my high 'bus tolerance'. While my friends were all commenting on how uncomfortable and tiresome a bus ride can get, I gave the comment a shrug and said it was nothing. 5 years later, I'm getting 'bus sick'?!? Wait! It's been 5 years already!


Maybe 4.

Okay, 4 plus.


The RM60 bus ride is inclusive of a meal-on-board and a cup of hot drink (though I'm pretty sure you can ask for more if your kiasu-self wanna make the most out of your money :P). They also provide you with a headphone set that you can plug in to the side controller to either listen to music (about 4 different genres) or watch the movie airing on screen.

Not bad eh?

Except I totally made a dork out of myself by attempting my "smell-before-drink" ritual whenever I am having a cup of coffee. One bump and one shake later, and my drink was all over me. Luckily I was seated so far away from the other five passengers that not one noticed, or at least I hope no one did.

*Wipes frantically*

Now, if dizziness and stained top are not misfortunes enough. Guess what? My camera battery ran low! Like WOOT?! I charged it overnight just to find out that it didn't actually 'charged' at all? I'm supposed to take awesome pictures tonight man.

*sad face*

Not exactly a good start to a holiday.

So when I finally arrived at Sunway Pyramid, I took the liberty to cheer myself up while I was waiting for my godmom to pick me up. With a handbag over my right shoulder and a computer-bag-turned-laggage-bag on my left, plus two boxes of tambun biscuits in my hands, I stepped into Fullhouse@Sunway Pyramid and had myself some Creme Brulee.

At a whooping cost of RM12.00 after tax.


Perk-me-ups certainly don't come cheap in KL. Oh and just before I left, the nice Mr Waiter-in-Charge actually pointed at the boxes of tambun biscuits and asked me where did I get them?

"Are they bought from outside?"

"Umm... no. They're from Penang."


Hahaha... and so I smiled, carried my laggage bag which was nicely tucked into a corner beside my seat earlier (hiding the fact that I'm from outstation) and walked off.


I know. I know. What about the dinner, right?
We're getting there. :)

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