Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Impromptu Holiday Series: Dinner with Bobby Chinn (Also Known as the Woot? Woot? Special)

Two Sundays ago, I came across an article on Bobby Chinn's upcoming World Cafe Asia series featuring the Middle East. At the end of the article was a simple contest which requires me to answer 2 questions and complete a slogan. Easy peasy right? And all you have to do is email your entry over. Ergo, no cost!

The Prize?
A free dinner for two with Bobby Chinn at JW Marriott.

The Catch?
Middle Eastern cuisine.

Duh. Not that I mind, I'm for one is up for anything when it comes to food. I mean, my colleagues don't call me "tamchiak girl" for nothing. That, and of course, the fact that I go hungry very fast.

Wait! Where was I?

Oh yes. So I joined the contest. Come on lah, it's dinner with Bobby Chinn! There's only one other person I might give a pass on Bobby to dine with, Anthony Bourdain. Hahaha.. but Bourdain's American charm doesn't strike my mom's fancy. So if there's really such a decision to be made, Bobby gets my mom's support, plus he kinda do hit closer to home.

Now, remember The Catch I mentioned earlier that it being Middle East cuisine? While, that's not half as bad since I appreciate food no matter how essentric they may get. The Problem however, was that the closing date for the competition was on the 15th, that's a Friday. The dinner is on the 20th. Minus the weekend and all that's left is a 3-day lead time for whatever plans you need should you win the prize.

And let's not forget the fact that I'm from Penang.

So I got a call on Monday saying that I won the competition. Freaked out a little, panicked a little and then decided "I want to going!" So I went in and see the boss.

Me: "Umm... boss, do you know who Bobby Chinn is?"

Boss: "No."


Well, that was expected. If I were to ask "Do you know there's a TLC channel on Astro?" I'll probably get a "No." as well. Totally salah channel lah.
Luckily Mrs Boss was around.

Mrs Boss: "Oh, he's that chef host is it?"

Me: "Yaya. Well, I sorta won a dinner with him this Wednesday... it's pretty last minute."

Mrs Boss: "Oh then you must go!"

Yay! Got support!

So after making sure my work schedule permits me to go MIA, I was let off for the rest of the week. And so it began. My Impromptu Holiday!

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