Monday, November 22, 2010

Be Warned: Shitty Post Ahead!


That's really not a good way to start a post.


You see, I've been in random "pain moments" since last Wednesday night. *counts* O-M-G. That's like 5 days. *dies* Should I go see a doctor? But it's not like it's very bad or anything. In fact, I thought I was getting better until today.

'Thought' being the keyword here.


Let's review the scenario together shall we?

I came home from work feeling a little pain and discomfort that night. Suspected the usual: stomach got too empty, dinner too late --> perut masuk angin ---> discomfort. Urgh!

Stomach condition not at its best. Random times when it started to act up. Gotta stay full all the time. Don't give a chance to let the stomach to be too empty.

Feeling better. Frequent food intakes, even between meals.
Yay! I hope it's improving.

Okay kua.

Should be okay liao!

No problem! Until late afternoon. Sudden attack of stomach ache. Note: Not pain, just ache. Desperately needed a toilet. Believed to have unfinished business after one go at the office. To be settled at home! Took medicine powder. Came home. Attempted. NOTHING!


Apa ini? Was today's shitty break a standalone thing? Should I put one and one together? Should I stop worrying myself away and just go with the 'flow'?

How lah?


Anonymous said...

Gastric? Certainly sounds like gastric... especially since you mentioned it only happens when you get hungry.

Vin said...

I guess so. It's all those late dinners and an over hungry stomach. :( but I am feeling better now..