Thursday, November 04, 2010

7.30am is Made of Awesome Possum!

Rolling out of bed at 7.30am on a weekday and more so, on a work day is kinda like the best thing ever.

Even though my internal alarm clock did went off at the usual 6.30am. Dang body had been programmed as such *boo* but imagine I get to snooze and slack for a whole hour before actually getting out of bed. Which in my opinion is such a morning luxury. *sigh*

I actually walk down the stairs and into the bathroom with my eyes open. Hahaha. Imagine that! Wait wait. Let's not forget I even get to switch on my computer replied to a blog comment before heading out the door. Awesome!

To whom I owe this honour to?

Papa! ya.

Happy Birthday Papa!
We're going to gave a great day today and at least this year you don't have to send me a sms while I'm at work, saying "Read your blog and thank you!" 'cause I'm right here today. Weee!

Here's an early greeting to the rest,
"Happy Deepavali & Have a Great Weekend Ahead!"

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