Saturday, May 30, 2009

The "Ironicity" of Innit

Was posting my latest entry up to innit which I haven't been doing for awhile. As I type, type and type, eventually I came to the verifying part of the process.


*blinks again*

Here I was posting an entry on shopping and spending money. And here dear innit requested for the input of the word "gains".

Ah, the stab! The evil coincidence! The shame!

*am all dramatic*

Gee... thanks for the reminder, Innit. (-__-);;

And this is not the first time Innit managed to amuse me.
My First Time with Innit.
Uwah, it's dated back in February last year. Awww... the memories.


Dosz said...

gains hmmmm

Dosz said...

gains hmmmm

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Hahaha.. yes Dosz, gains. How we all wish to have more of it. ;)

Cubbie said...

Hahahaha same here! YAHAHA funny coincidence!