Monday, May 11, 2009

Hiyashibeeps Got Widgeted!

Congratulations! It's a Match.


Can I be pickie and wish the colour matches my flower instead? =P

I got to be honest, I would have picked the plain looking one if it's not because of the matching-ness of the Xchange flower with mine.

*stares at the new flower on her page*

I'm having doubts. It seems like it's stealing all the attention away from my real pretty. *frowns* Hmm... what do you think?

Anyway, why don't you check Nuffnang Xchange yourself?
I'm always up for something new.
Let's see how it works and if I'm liking it.

*click click click*


Tekkaus said...

You have put up the XChange Widget too! You chose the flower one. There's even a bee huh? Great. Here's my review about Nuffnang's XChange! :D

Willie said... will get more choices.

Vin aka hiyashi said...

To Tekkaus: Hahaha.. yes, there's even a bee. Wah.. your review is soo long. *goes off to read*

To Willie: Eh? You're part of the people behind this is it? Then can I make a request? *grins*

Cubbie said...

I love your profile pic! :P Ngek ngek! Hahahaa, good choice good choice, I'd want u to choose that too!