Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm Poofed! or is it I'm Pooped?

Either way. I'm tired out.

Shopping is way tiring then working. Physically.
Working on the other hand, kills mental power. (-_-);;

To "Bijak Berbelanja" needs equal mental power. *grins*

Plan Ahead. Be Prepared.
Leave was taken a week earlier for this.
Boss might not be pleased. Yikes.

But, my first half of the afternoon was spent in the bank, all hungry and a tad poorer / richer at the same time.

Shopping was just a plus, okay?

Member Day woh. 80% Off woh.
It almost annoyingly sounded like a pasar malam in JUSCO.

JUSCO wei! (-_-);;


And to sum it up...

I'm a daddy's girl.

Bijak berbelanja... just like dad.



iriene said...

I agreed, Jusco Members' Day Sale is
Worth it! - I find it Genuine! Bijak Berbelanja, is the Way to Go..
Wey, u so lucky, got CIMB ads on ur blog, I had jus clicked it! Do visit my blog too! Tks

Vin aka hiyashi said...

To Iriene:
Agree to agree. *grins* And the best part is, since the Jusco at my place is still new, the crowd was not that insane.

There's a CIMB ad on my blog? @_@ Hahaha.. all I see is the Maybelline eyeliner ad staring intensively at me.

Cubbie said...

That's really a bargain you know! >.< Hopefully I won't hafta wait for another Jusco *pasar malam* sales, hahahaa!!! As for the ads - I see Taylor's College :P

Anonymous said...

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