Monday, May 12, 2008

The Month That Had Two Posts

April went by and May has arrived. With only two post one would have thought nothing much must have happened. In contrary, April was one of the most eventful months I ever had. Getting shortlisted for the Aussie adventure thing was just a small part of April. Random calls came from unexpected parties. Announcement of concert dates I longed to attend and the actual possibility of attend it. The many nights of dilemma. The worrisome hair loss due to all the thinking going on inside my head.

Up and down the month went.
Excitement. Disappointment.
And then excitement all over again.

Enthusiasm. Shot down with unwelcomed news.
Resolution. Determine to go on turning the dream into reality.

And as the month came to an end and the month of May arrived and went by halfway, all these emotions were carried forward to today. None resolved.

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