Sunday, May 18, 2008

An Innit Blooper?

I don't believe I'm the first one to find out about this 'cause I'm sure not the person to stalk or even post an entry frequent enough on innit to qualify for this discovery. ^^;; So maybe someone did pointed this out and I missed it due to the same reason as above. If that is true, I apologised beforehand.

I for once have a free Sunday today, thanks to Ms Monday being an off day. So I went innit surfing. I clicked the next button a few times in attempt to find a post that strikes my fancy, and then I realised I'm at page 26? o__O But I only clicked the button, like three times at most! Of cause lah, I suspect something is wrong here.

So I start all over again.

*suspect suspect*

I clicked Next>

WA-LAH! I'm at page 16!

*suspect suspect*

Again, I clicked Next>

*blink blink*

Page 26 pulak?


I pretty much guess where another Next> will lead me to, so I head the other way.

I clicked clicked Prev two times and see if I'm back at page 1.

Ehh?? Page 6 pulak!

It's not just me right? Tell me it's not just me?

Attention Innit, I think we got a problem here!


ojibala said...

maybe that's why nuffnang got maintenance tomorrow.... sigh, 2-3 hours no innit

hiyashi said...

Ah. Maybe maybe. Should check again after maintenance then. And if this was not what was not scheduled for, now they know and can make it for tomorrow maintenance, too. Hehe..

ojibala said...

haha, message timothy or leave a message at that maintenance post.

Cubbie said...

AHAHHAHA~~~ they probably want u to surf randomly. muahahhahah~ or not. ^^;;

パイパソ専門 said...

1 0 万 もらえたからいいものの、大事な息子はまだジンジンしてまふww(・w・)