Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ai Sui Mai Mia... Eh Si Lang ah!

The difference between a girl trying to be pretty and that of a woman is the person paying for it. -__-;; And it has always been beyond me why we willingly pay to suffer. *does the Simon Cowell hands up move* Then again, what shocked me was I did the same thing to myself.

Ai Sui Mai Mia, Eh Si Lang ah!
(very literal translation: Want pretty don't want life, can die ah!)

Me = Murderer
And who did I kill this time to satisfy my "pretty" urge?

*sobs* the victim

My feet!

And behold my partner in crime!

Aiyah. Oredi know new shoes always kill the feet but still so stubborn want to wear to work. I totally don't feel sorry for myself, I so deserved it for being such a doink doink. *paiseh scale-o-meter goes up to 7* It didn't went up to 10 just because I think I was just getting in touch with my feminine side. No wrong in that right? Riiiight?? *hopeful*

So right, I abandon shoe lah after that. One whole week it stayed there next to my old comfy shoe. Looking all so tempting. *__* But come on lah, I not really that doink lah okay? So today I go google how to solve this problem. HAHAHA. My life totally rely on the internet way too much these days.

But I didn't get anything woh. Why ah?

Because I've been using the wrong words to search. "New shoe woes", "the pain of new shoes". HAHAHA... now you experts probably are laughing at me. There goes another 3 steps up to my paiseh scale-o-meter.

The right term here is...
How to Break In New Shoes

Really wei! Break In. Macam forcing an entry only. -.-;; But I guess its true in a way. So of course lah since I find, I share.

How to Break in New Shoes? <- Clickie

And since I'm at it, might as well...

How to break in high heel shoes?
What is a good way to treat blisters from new shoes?
How to make it through the day wearing shoes that hurt your feet?

See! A silver lining after all. Together we learn so many things today. HAHAHA... And just so I have you know... I'm not wearing the shoe tomorrow either. >__<


On a side note: the Next> button on innit is working well now ^^;;


Falcon said...

COnfesssion of a

hiyashi said...

To Falcon: I plead not guilty! XD

Cubbie said...

HAHA kesian! *pat pat*

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