Monday, January 21, 2008

The Uncle Ben Quote

You know the famous quote from Uncle Ben?


Well. Scratch that.


I say responsibility has nothing to do with power. It's more of a conscience thing. Blah. A trishaw rider carries "responsibility" as much as a bus driver, or even a pilot. Sure the bus carries more passengers, the plane is a costlier way to travel. Does that mean it's alright for the trishaw rider to make a bad turn and tumble over with his/her passenger? Oh dear. NO! That's just as bad. Not in the sense of the seriousness of damage but IT IS STILL DAMAGE!

I say don't look down upon what you do or what others do. YOU MATTER. Don't be fooled by the word responsibility. People tend to associate it with bad bad things. But responsibility is just as big in the play of success. Take pride in being responsible. Good or Bad. You should be glad you play a part in this world.

Hiyashi says:
"With every bit comes responsibility, however big, however small."

What say you, Uncle Ben?


Cubbie said...

Pif. Dont want be responsible at all. Bwaghahaha!

hiyashi said...

There's a comment here too that I didn't realise. Oops.

And Grow Up. You're a big gurl now. Be responsible. At least to yourself. And I think you're doing quite a good job.

Cubbie said...

NOOO. I'm not responsible :P I try not to be too!

Anonymous said...

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