Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Aiming for the Perfect 10

It's been a looong time since I slept for a Perfect 10.

Tomorrow is a day off and I'm thinking of executing Operation Perfect 10. Let's see. If I go to bed in another hour's time, give take 12.30am then I have to sleep till 10.30am. Hmm...

The Obstacles:
1. Going to bed by 12.30am today.
2. Sleep all the way through for 10 hours.

Now, you will think that no.2 is not that hard. But you see I have an internal alarm clock. Tick tick tick. Regardless of what time I go to bed, it rings approximately after 6 hours. That's how I get up each morning. Simple mathematics. Gotta get up at 6.30am. Count backwards. I'll sleep before 12.30am. Anything earlier, lucky me... extra minutes. Anything later... boohoo.

So, that means I'll wake up around that time again tomorrow morning. Snooze my internal alarm and goes back to sleep. Now, remember when we snooze our alarm, it goes off again in another 5 minutes? *sigh* So does my internal alarm clock. Maybe not in 5 but it bounds to go off again. So reaching 10.30am is easier said than done.

But what's tougher is going to bed at 12.30am. How? How? I'm the perfectionist Virgo. -.-;; I want Perfect 10. Perfect 10.

Gosh I'm whiny tonight. Eww... I'm going to bed.

Good night world.


H@naKo said...

oyasu..(yawns~)..mi kodomo~
sleep tight oo~ and dun snore too loud o~

hiyashi said...

I didn't make it! Uwaaah... 9 hours only. =( *sigh* Gotta find another day for a second attempt.