Saturday, January 26, 2008

Perfect 10 >> Auspicious 8

I didn't make it for the Perfect 10 last Wednesday. *sigh* So I thought I'll be lazy on my rare day off and aim for an Auspicious 8 this time instead. Lowering my standards. Cis cis. It's a crime I tell you.

Well, it didn't happen.

At 6.45am, early I tell you. Early.
My dad holler: "JO!!"

*in a sleepy yet slight shocked state* "Huh??"

"Got work anot?"

Woot?!? *blink blink* "NO!!"

Then I heard my mom's voice mumbling about me being on leave today. There goes my 8 continuous hours of sleep. It just didn't happen. *sigh*


Cubbie said...

HAHA! Try me! Sweet 16!

hiyashi said...

Sweet 16? My Gawd! @__@ That's double my auspicious 8.

Cubbie said...

HEHE! I bet u can't beat that!

hiyashi said...

Nu way I want to beat that anyway. @__@ I WANT A PERFECT 10! PERFECT! Hmm... maybe I can do that during the Chinese New Year. Hahaha... such a waste of good time.

Cubbie said...

HAHA! i agree! i try not to sleep too much during cny. ^o^