Thursday, January 17, 2008


8.58pm. On the ferry. Finally. I sat there, completely lost interest towards anything. My surroundings. The time. It didn't matter. At that moment, the sudden spur, the sudden urge, the sudden crave hit me. Dark bitter chocolate. I seek for dark bitter chocolate. Bitter enough to leave that strong thick flavour in my mouth, that aroma in my nose. So much I craved for it that I just got to... got to reach out for pen and paper. Penned it down I must. I want to remember this. I want to look back this entry and be reminded. I deserve some good dark black chocolate.


Cubbie said...

Whoa I had that moment too. Only thing is I went out and bought it soon after. YAHAHA~

hiyashi said...

Argh. Why didn't I buy some just now? =( See! I totally forgot the moment.