Sunday, January 20, 2008

Got myself a lovely toothy moment...

Aww...such a comforting sight.

Toothy Blue is the man.
Brushy Red is the woman.
Shining Yellow is lady.

And that's the thing about staying home with family. Sure mom is annoying with her constant nagging, sis is irritating for keep hogging the internet line, and dad... well he is the king of the house. ^^;; But at the end of the day, at least you'll not coming back to four walls, a computer and well, you.

I may live by my computer and the internet but I survive with family love. Okay okay. And I share my life with friends. No one gets left behind.

So there you go.

There's always someone there for you. Someone to care for you. Someone to nag you. Someone to annoy the hell out of you. But hey, it's the whole package.

One day. I might move out one day. Hmm... I probably will move out one day. But till that day comes, right now, at this moment, thank you for the everyday wonderful toothy moments like this.

ps: There's another member of the family, Sparkling Green but she was not available at the moment of the photoshoot. *snickers* But you are much loved.


Cubbie said...

I AGREE with u wholeheartedly! :P

hiyashi said...

Ooo... comment spree! Hehehe..

Of course you agree with me whole-heartedly. You live, work and play at home. -.-;; *envies*

Cubbie said...

HAHAHAHA! *dances around*